Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekend Wrap

It's sabado once again in the home of the brave, dahlings, but what to do? Well, technically, it's only 1.00 AM so the day is just starting. I wonder what I'll be doing later on, after I catch some z's and wake up facing the bright, hot, humid, and nakakapasong sun. I've learned recently, and it was really a tough lesson, that the sun still fries your skin even when it doesn't rear it's ugly face. The past few nights were rather tender, itchy, and uncomfortable and because of this I promised to NEVER go swimming EVER again. No matter where, no matter who I'm with, I am NOT taking my shirt off in St. Tropez or Ibiza, NEVER! I am done! Last year, I experienced a burn even with sunblock on. This year I burned, slightly, whilst under the clouds without a sunblock in under an hour. I would never torture my skin again, EVER! I hate the idea of sun damage so I will never do what I did and God, please, help me!