Thursday, July 31, 2008

French Boyfriend

I seriously want a French Boyfriend. LOL

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Danish Royal Holiday

A very fatherly-looking Prince Frederik with Princess Mary and Isabella, 
and second in line to the throne Prince Christian

Keeping it local: The family holidayed in Skagen located at Denmark's northernmost point

A Very Sexy Josh Duhamel

Who's sexier, Josh Duhamel or Fergie? Josh Duhamel, DUH!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

More of the Royals

I do LOVE the Royals, so I'm thinking of pushing this blog into becoming more of a Royal blog. LOL. I will scour the world for infor-MAY-Shen, put my thoughts, and talk about the very elusive, exclusive, blue-blooded international social set that's sure to bury all other social sets out there! KAPOW! BANG! BOOM!

Ah, Those Royals: The Stolen and Recovered CP

Isn't he pretty? (Harry that is)

Prince Harry's cellphone was stolen by a thug in a nightclub in Lesotho where the Prince is currently on Charity Duty. The phone was recovered days later when the culprit was apprehended at an unknown location. How I wish I got that phone! LOL! Well, Darlings, it contains the who's who of London society---well I guess we can all say WORLD society! Can you just imagine the names of the people on his contact list? By the way, the phonebook cannot be accessed as the phone is password protected. But still, I can imagine how easy it would have been to open it or something. LOL! I am SSSOOOO EVVVVILLL! 

Oh, and Prince Harry did not press charges. HOW SWEET IS HE? *flutters*

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ewww! Is THAT a Table?

I understand that some people want to have some color but why others go overboard, WAAAYYYY overboard, is beyond me. Check out Crisitiano Ronaldo looking like a TABLE in one of his many BROWNED pictures.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This is the Life!

I read this article about a high end Pawnshop that caters to London's middle to upper-middle class set. Boy, everyone's feeling it in one way or another. At least for them, it's a temporary cash shortage and they need to pay for a holiday at the Carribean or a down payment for an Aston Martin. 

Read the article here

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dolce and Gabbana Forever!

OMG! I really love Dolce and Gabbana, you guys! They're so chic and every knows D&G but they have this certain mystery to them. They're oh so fab-o, very elite and sophisticated at the same time. They're VERY SEXY too.

I seriously loved this 'controversial' ad featuring the knives! LOL! (Good times, good times! --A la Robby Ray Cyrus?)

Remember them?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend Wrap

Oh well, the week ended in utter disappointment. I have not lost hope, however trying this week have been. I look forward to new possibilities and one can only face so many disappointments and not have that one shiny, sparkling trophy to commemorate victory. I hope to win this week, even though the odds are VERY slim. I might end up with nothing, and once again, panic is surging about the uncertainty. I try my very best not to blame anyone because it's my life and it's about time I own up to everything I do and did. Don't we all deserve some sort of consolation prize?

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight Opens Today!

Oh we are all so excited about the opening of The Dark Knight! The hype, the trailer, the STARS, they all deserve a huge GLITTER SHOWER! Touted by critics as one of the greatest movies of this generation, The Dark Knight will surely make us beg for more. Can't wait to see all the action and the cast's legendary performances. *breathe!*

I think this is a scrapbook moment! LOL

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cristiano Who?

LOL! OMG! It's raining men! After Cristiano, Zac Efron is here to delight all the world with his yummy man candiness! SSSWWWEEEEET!

Very Hot Indeed!

Since he's been getting a lot of press lately, I figured I should at least record it in my online diary. Cristiano broke up with his girlfriend of five months, injured, reportedly ignored Paris Hilton at a club, and appeared all greasy and disgusting at the Espy Awards. He sure knows how to play around, darlings! He is one hot man or should I say, one hot YOUNG MAN! David Beckham who? (KIDDING!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catching Up: Shopping Edition

I really like this Lacoste classic square baguette. It's really cheap, too, like $51.99 plus shipping and handling cheap. The color is so fresh and GLITTERS!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Catching Up: The 20th Post Edition

Gwyneth Paltrow was seen at the Hamptons looking like this. I love that celebs can be like us after all.

Cristiano Ronaldo dumps his girlfriend, model Nereida Gallardo after 5 months. Reprtedly his mother was against the relationship because, well, she thinks the model is just a gold digger.

Ugly Betty's Christopher Gorham is moving to bigger, better, and much more fashionable things including a stint at CBS's Harper's Island. Happily(?), he'll be reminded of his Betty character because he'll be using the same name, Henry.

Eva Longoria sporting a new lovely do. 

Looking Ahead

I don't know what to do anymore. I SERIOUSLY have no clue as to what lies ahead. My life is clouded with uncertainty right now, I think I want to die! Drastic isn't it? Desperate, some might say but what is a girl to do? The rest of the world has problems much larger in scale compared to mine but I still can't find solace knowing that I might not end up anywhere at all. Why does life have to be so hard for someone so young, inexperienced, and dumb? Does life really work like this? How do I get up? Or better yet, would I want to get up? Giving up is such an easy option but after I give up, what's next? If I don't give up, what do I have to do to gain the strength to move on? The hardest part seems to be the feeling of dread at the knowledge that I may have to wage war on my own, I mean, It IS my problem after all. If only the tears can wash it away, if only it can bring me the peace and happiness I need right now. Sadly, tears are only tears and time rolls on without mercy and then, the panic kicks in and drowns me further into the depths of misery. Who can save me? Who would want to save me? 

If only GOD would show me, SOON, the answers to everything.

And The Disappointment Began

Oh, how painful! Indeed, how DISAPPOINTING! After toiling away, waiting, dying for the answer....You get NOTHING! 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Let The Week Begin

It's Sunday now, oh how I wish something GOOD will happen this week, this month or this year! LOL! I ,er--WE, really need it.

Photo from retro traveler on flickr

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ah, Those Royals: Larger Than Life Knickers!

I wish I could come up with a better title, one befitting United Kingdom's longest reigning monarch, but I can't. The title is very apt, though cruel, for tonight's subject. Now being fat is not something one should ever be ashamed of.(HAHAHAHA, Yeah RIGHT!) Well, Queen Victoria wasn't! At least, I don't think so. She paraded around London on her diamond year on the throne fat, and she died fat so I'm guessing she never tried to hide it. 9 children, hundreds of servants, and with nothing to do but be happy that the British Empire is at its greatest, anybody's bound to get big! My reverence for the late Queen is now marred by the fact that they're auctioning off her knickers, really big, 50 inch (when stretched, I guess) knickers. When I look at the Victoria Memorial I remember the greatness of a country and I never really thought that Queen Victoria was fat, now, WELL, (to the tune of Kylie Minogue's old song) I JUST CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!

Read the article here

Weekend Wrap

It's sabado once again in the home of the brave, dahlings, but what to do? Well, technically, it's only 1.00 AM so the day is just starting. I wonder what I'll be doing later on, after I catch some z's and wake up facing the bright, hot, humid, and nakakapasong sun. I've learned recently, and it was really a tough lesson, that the sun still fries your skin even when it doesn't rear it's ugly face. The past few nights were rather tender, itchy, and uncomfortable and because of this I promised to NEVER go swimming EVER again. No matter where, no matter who I'm with, I am NOT taking my shirt off in St. Tropez or Ibiza, NEVER! I am done! Last year, I experienced a burn even with sunblock on. This year I burned, slightly, whilst under the clouds without a sunblock in under an hour. I would never torture my skin again, EVER! I hate the idea of sun damage so I will never do what I did and God, please, help me!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Break Me, Shake Me

Okay, so not really me but Emily Blunt and Michael Buble. The couple split up as confirmed by Buble's rep. Details of the break-up are not known. 

How sad, right? I mean, I really LOVED Emily on The Devil Wears Prada and well I always thought Michael Buble is nice. Oh, well!

Catching Up

Well, Vanessa Hudgens' album bombed! According to reports, sales for the first week of release totaled 22,000 (down from her last album's 36,000, and she was relatively unknown back then!)

Hugh Laurie bought a 4 million dollar mansion in LA, he is said to be depressed and misses his family a lot who are back in England.

James Franco gradated from UCLA and Perez Hilton got an exclusive photo of the star in his robes and surrounded by women. 

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's child was named Sunday.....(Go figure)

Nicole Ritchie taped for a TV appearance on the hit show, Chuck. 

Parade Magazine named Simon Cowell as the most obnoxious celeb, Brad Pitt as the Hottest Male Star, and Angelina Jolie as the Hottest Female Star.

Ah, Those Royals! (Officially A Prince Henry Fan!)

Okay, so I've known for the longest time that I have this deep crush on Prince Harry. I mean, who doesn't? Those who DOESN'T are probably blind, blinded by his bling, or blinded by the rim of his Audi! Sure he won't "rule" the land of the sophisticated but it's not like Prince William would too. Wills might don the crown some day but that doesn't mean Prince Harry is useless, and it most certainly doesn't mean that Prince William will be all that powerful! In line with this "coming out", I mean being officially a Harry Fan, I'm dedicating a section of my blog to him. It will be called, WELL, ILY Prince Harry. I hope he gets to read my blog. *dreaming* I want to meet him in person and shake his hand or something *dreaming*. 

On that note, ILY Prince Harry!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ah, Those Royals: Getting A Tan and Helping Out Orphans

Ah, just smile on my pretty!

Prince Henry of Wales is in Africa doing manual labor for his African Charity, Sentebale. Building and pushing a cart with concrete and rocks and relaxing through a nice round of soccer seems to be taking his mind off of the London Party Circuit. He needs to put on LOADS of SUNBLOCK! It's burning hot in there, for sure.

Read more of it here.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Love It!

Image from the Jacob&Co website

I love them glittery things! Ah! Gosh, where the hell is my rich boyfriend? Why he's in New York, or Paris, Tokyo?, or LA? I'm going to have to sell my mother's 3 series to buy this one!

Ah, Those Royals: Having Fun Under the St. Tropez Sun!

Oh how I love seeing people with blue blood out and about. Princess Beatrice is in St. Tropez for a vacation. Shower her with glitters people! (cue the music!)

Read all about it here

Ah, Those Royals: Bump on the Relationship Road

WEH-HELL another dunce hat for the hot one, Prince Harry? Chelsy Davy, his girlfriend, walked out on the Prince during a polo match. Could this mean that Harry can have an affair with moi while Chelsy is not talking to him? I mean, after she walked out Harry was seen texting like hell but she never came back. 

Read more about it here

Ah, Those Royals!

I love the British Royal Family! As in, ALL of them. I am fascinated by the lifestyle and the history attached to them. Who knew they'd still exist, standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to wave and smile to thousands of spectators every year during the Queens summer birthday? Well, I read an article on the Daily Mail about the auction of the items that once belonged to the late Queen Mother's page (who's late as well). The auction fetched around GBP 450,000 in total, a note from the Queen Mother asking for gin fetched GBP 16,000 and a portrait fetched GBP 30,000. Ah, Royal provenance! 

Read more about it here

Election Connection

In my bid to be relevant, I am posting a little blah blah about the upcoming November Elections. The future of my second (but favorite) home is at stake my darlings! So vote wisely (unfortunately, I can't)! Which brings me to a little question that's been lingering in mah mind, Why can I be called up and go to the Army or whatever and fight for the freedom of the entire western hemisphere but I CANNOT vote! I mean, if fighting for my favorite home is a responsibility that can be laid on my teensy weensy shoulders when I'm not a citizen, why can't I help shape the futuro of this country? Why can't I, and the rest of the legal ones vote? Isn't voting one of the most important things someone can do for their country? (or can legal people really vote and I am just displaying my ignorance?)

WEH-HELL, darlings I read somewhere that in some places here in America legal people can actually vote but not in all levels. At least it is possible. 

Back to my Election Connection before I figure out a way to connect Oprah and the Dalai Lama. Am I going to witness the biggest political showdown in the history of America? It's the Red vs. Blue game again people! Just think about all the things that happened during the current administration, think about the past (a little), and set your sights on a brighter future!

Vote! Vote! Vote! (Again, even if I CAN'T!)

The winner is going to be a MAN (oh that's for sure!) that will hopefully lead this country to prosperity and peace.

I Wanna Be A __________


There are so many things that I want to have right now. Well, first, I want a boyfriend. I really, really, really, reeeeaaaallllyyyy want a boyfriend. Desperation in the air. It's because I'm not getting any younger and (burst into song, a la Barbara S.) the nights are so much colder, the room is so much bigger, and I am so much lonelier........

I also want to move somewhere like LA, New York, or Paris, or maybe somewhere like Laguna Beach too. I just love the water and the view gives you a venue from where you can float in and out of reality. Like a dream or a daydream. LOL.

I also want peace in my life. No drama, just a life full of bliss with my hunky (or semi-hunky boyfriend....I want a little meat in my man, so no ribs!)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hot and Sexy Bitch

I just love BMW. Did YOU know, that among luxury car owners, those who own a BMW gets the most sex (in their cars?, beds?...not sure)? 

(I read that in a research but I forgot where)

Now I want to get fucked in a BMW 7 series! Well, it IS roomier! 

Calling all hot guys out there...a sexy fag-bitch right here....If you want my picture we'll talk about it uhm-k? (It's ok if you don't drive a BMW, YOUR Range Rover will do for now....hahahaha!)

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

Bring on the buns and the ground beef for burgers at the beach because its the 4th of July! I know that gas prices are up since ever but that doesn't mean we need to stay cooped in our homes. A short drive to the beach with family and friends should be worth it, comrades! Enjoy the day because, well, it's Independence Day!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catching Up

I so have tons of things that I want to talk about. First let's start with the newly released single of Heidi Montag, Fashion. Well the title says it all, dunnit? I actually LOVE this song. Now don't get me wrong ok? I LOVE Lauren Conrad but after listening to Heidi rave about Vivienne, Jimmy Choo, and Manolo, FASHION gets my vote if there was an Infectious-Summer-Song-of-the-Year-Poll. 

I know some of you may already know this but I just found out that Denmark has a new Princess! Her name is Princess Marie and if I'm not dreaming I think she's French or something. 

Does anyone in here plan to see The Dark Knight? Or better yet, are you not going to see The Dark Knight when it hits your favorite theaters? I just think its creepy. You know, with Heath and all. He's superb though (according to critics). We'll see, We'll see.

Hi! Hello!

So it's summer here in the US of A and school's out. What should I do to kill time? Why BLOG of course! So let me establish the purpose of this blog and what I may end up talking/blogging about for the sake of my readers (hahaha). 

I love celebs, fashion, socialites, and royalty. In other words, those people that are of international caliber. YES, of course, I'll blog about the locals too. Locals being the people from the land of the pedicabs and balut. Still no clue? The Philippines, dears! Why, there are a lot of hot and fresh celebs in the Philippines worthy of attention!

This is my blog and I'll talk about things that I find or I'll find interesting okay? That's why I started this!