Friday, July 11, 2008

Ah, Those Royals! (Officially A Prince Henry Fan!)

Okay, so I've known for the longest time that I have this deep crush on Prince Harry. I mean, who doesn't? Those who DOESN'T are probably blind, blinded by his bling, or blinded by the rim of his Audi! Sure he won't "rule" the land of the sophisticated but it's not like Prince William would too. Wills might don the crown some day but that doesn't mean Prince Harry is useless, and it most certainly doesn't mean that Prince William will be all that powerful! In line with this "coming out", I mean being officially a Harry Fan, I'm dedicating a section of my blog to him. It will be called, WELL, ILY Prince Harry. I hope he gets to read my blog. *dreaming* I want to meet him in person and shake his hand or something *dreaming*. 

On that note, ILY Prince Harry!