Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catching Up

I so have tons of things that I want to talk about. First let's start with the newly released single of Heidi Montag, Fashion. Well the title says it all, dunnit? I actually LOVE this song. Now don't get me wrong ok? I LOVE Lauren Conrad but after listening to Heidi rave about Vivienne, Jimmy Choo, and Manolo, FASHION gets my vote if there was an Infectious-Summer-Song-of-the-Year-Poll. 

I know some of you may already know this but I just found out that Denmark has a new Princess! Her name is Princess Marie and if I'm not dreaming I think she's French or something. 

Does anyone in here plan to see The Dark Knight? Or better yet, are you not going to see The Dark Knight when it hits your favorite theaters? I just think its creepy. You know, with Heath and all. He's superb though (according to critics). We'll see, We'll see.