Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ah, Those Royals: The Stolen and Recovered CP

Isn't he pretty? (Harry that is)

Prince Harry's cellphone was stolen by a thug in a nightclub in Lesotho where the Prince is currently on Charity Duty. The phone was recovered days later when the culprit was apprehended at an unknown location. How I wish I got that phone! LOL! Well, Darlings, it contains the who's who of London society---well I guess we can all say WORLD society! Can you just imagine the names of the people on his contact list? By the way, the phonebook cannot be accessed as the phone is password protected. But still, I can imagine how easy it would have been to open it or something. LOL! I am SSSOOOO EVVVVILLL! 

Oh, and Prince Harry did not press charges. HOW SWEET IS HE? *flutters*